About the Nautical Stations of Portugal

Following the results of the project Portugal Náutico developed by the Portuguese Business Association (AEP) in cooperation with Fórum Oceano, the Nautical Portugal Dynamising Group was created. Created in the scope of Fórum Oceano and open to the voluntary participation of all interested parties, the Group aims to boost the nautical tourism sector in Portugal. In this context, it has started work on the development, promotion, and certification of Nautical Stations in Portugal.

Recognising the value of the resources and potential that Portugal presents in nautical tourism and taking as an example the existing experiences in France and Spain, a regulation was drawn up for the certification of Nautical Stations, which also benefited from the framework provided by FEDETON – Fédération Européenne de Destinations Touristiques Nautiques, the managing body of the international network of nautical stations, of which Fórum Oceano has been a member since 2016.

What is a Nautical Station?

A Nautical Station (EN) is a quality nautical tourism supply network, organized from the integrated valorisation of the nautical resources present in a territory, which includes the supply of accommodation, catering, nautical activities and other relevant activities and services to attract tourists and other users, adding value and creating diversified and integrated experiences. In this way, the EN presents itself as a platform for cooperation between actors identified with a territory and ensuring the supply of a tourism product.

Although they are mostly coastal destinations, also in the interior territories there are conditions to move forward with the certification of Nautical Stations, in stable water plans, namely rivers, lakes and dam reservoirs.

What are the advantages of creating a Nautical Station?

  • diversification of the tourist offer
  • combating seasonality
  • increase in spending per visitor
  • image of reference and quality
  • joint promotion of tourism products at international level
  • offer of diversified experiences

What are the added values for the visitor?

The Nautical Station guarantees the quality of the tourism product and services provided, as well as information support and booking of accommodation and services.