This activity began in 2012 and consists in holding several workshops, with the participation of members and other partners representing various sectors, to analyse the economic data of the value chain and assess the main constraints, potentials, and development opportunities.

The document “Sea Challenges 2020” reflects the information compiled throughout the various workshops held since 2012. The presentation of the first edition took place on 9 March 2013 and in 2015 the second edition was launched, with the revision of the information in the document and the inclusion of a new sector.

This activity was supported by PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers Portugal and co-financed by the operational programme COMPETE.

The document “Sea Challenges 2030” integrates the result of the work carried out by the Portuguese Sea Cluster in order to identify the main challenges facing the Economy of the Sea in 2030.

The opportunity and relevance of the initiative is justified not only by the need to update the work previously carried out on the “Sea Challenges 2020”, but also by the fact that a new cycle of EU funds is being prepared for the period 2021-27.