Projects that count with the support of Fórum Oceano:

The Pedagogical Sea Project arose within the scope of the Working Group “Maritime Visibility, Image and Culture” of Fórum Oceano (initially promoted by FEEM – Fórum Empresarial da Economia do Mar) and is an initiative of the associated Colégio Pedro Arrupe.

It is based on the concept of “Pedagogical Farms” and on the development of touristic itineraries for families and schools, in which groups of children and youngsters, at school age, are invited, in a given region, to contact directly with the activity of several entities related with the Sea.

The first edition took place in Peniche – “Peniche – Pedagogical Sea” – between February and March 2012, with the participation of about two hundred students from the 1st and 3rd Cycles and High School of Colégio Pedro Arrupe.

More editions have already taken place in Peniche and Setúbal.

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The Project “New North Course – Cooperation | Entrepreneurship | Innovation” is under the coordination of AEP, contracted with the managing entity of NORTE2020, and is based on partnerships with the most representative business structures of the North region of Portugal, with the aim of providing tools to facilitate the action of companies, entrepreneurs, and businessmen.
Fórum Oceano is the infopartner of this project: it cooperates by providing training content and helpdesk support.

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MARE STARTUP results from the consortium established between Fórum Oceano, the associates SaeR – Strategy and Risk Evaluation Society and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL) and the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP).

MARE STARTUP is an entrepreneurship program in the area of the Sea, materializing in the creation of new companies and supporting business innovation in the maritime sector.

One of the results of this partnership is the postgraduate course “Sea Science and Business Administration”, of multidisciplinary nature, linking the areas of economics and management, science and policy and law of the Sea.

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Fórum Oceano supports the associate University of Porto (UP) in the operation of the Itinerant Sea University Project since 2012.

Fórum Oceano also promotes the project among its members and partners, both to foster relationships between higher education institutions (and among participating students) and through the inclusion of actions in the training programme that encourage interaction between the business sector and the knowledge sector.

Under the agreement with UP, students from higher education institutions associated to Fórum Oceano have more favorable conditions to participate in the project.


The Itinerant Sea University Project (UIM) was created in 2006 from the joint initiative of the University of Porto (UP) and the University of Oviedo (UO), and was later enhanced with the participation of the Naval School (EN).
These three entities work as a team with the objective of providing Higher Education students, from any area of knowledge or study cycle, a rich and diverse training experience, involved in a multidisciplinary environment and in cooperation, where the main component is to give full ownership to the UIM motto: Knowledge and Adventure.
Each UIM Course unfolds in three main cycles: Preparation, Realization and Conclusion:

Preparation Cycle:
Meetings are held between the three organizing entities and the university students, and also training actions in an academic environment.

Implementation cycle:

It has as main components the moments of Navigation (Sea Course) and Academic Training either on board of the Ship or in the visited places, when moored.

Conclusion cycle:
Development and presentation of the work done by the students, according to the annual theme of each UIM campaign. The positive assessment of the project (analyzed by a jury defined annually by UP) is equivalent to the crediting of ECTS in the Academic Curriculum of students from the University of Porto and other universities that join the project.

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