Applications are closed. Soon will be launched the 6th application stage – 2022 – for the territories that wish to constitute a Nautical Station, integrating the Network “Estações Náuticas de Portugal” (ENP), coordinated by Fórum Oceano.

The new applications will be framed in the Regulation that is in the final stages of revision.

Learn how the application process will take place:

Which entities can apply?

  • Local/Regional Public Administration
  • Entities of the State Business Sector
  • Regional Tourism Organizations and Regional Tourism Promotion Agencies
  • Education and Training Organizations
  • Nautical clubs and nautical training centres
  • Management of ports, marinas, moorings, shipyards, and waterways
  • Companies in the hotel and catering, commerce, cultural entertainment, travel agencies and tourism promotion sectors


By applying to Fórum Oceano, member and representative of Portugal in FEDETON (entity that manages the international network of nautical stations).

The evaluation of the application files will be carried out by an Evaluation Committee made up of a group of representatives of entities that are relevant to the development of marine leisure, tourism, and the politics of the Sea.

Regulations (under revision)

As mentioned above, the Regulation is in the final stages of revision

You may consult here the current version that will be replaced in due course.

Submission of application (6th phase to be announced in due course)

You can consult the current version of the application form (to be replaced soon) in the following link:

Application Form

Cost of the Certification Process

(with the submission of the application process)

A) Application coordinated by a member of Fórum Oceano – 1000 euros (+VAT)
B) All others – 2000 euros (+VAT)

NOTE: In the case of applications coordinated by Municipalities or Intermunicipal Communities, which are not yet members of Fórum Oceano, but that prove the decision to join, taken by the executive or deliberative body, we inform the following:

  1. The cost of the certification process will be that corresponding to point A (1000 € + VAT), with the condition that the membership of the entity to Fórum Oceano is formalized within 180 days;
  2. In the event the deadline referred to in point 1 is not met, the entity in question shall pay the difference between the amounts under B and A (1000 euros + VAT) within 60 days;
  3. In case the amount referred in 2 is not paid within the defined deadline, the certification of the entity will be suspended.

See the list of certified Nautical Stations.