Fórum Oceano organizes, since 2011 and in partnership with AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal, the International Event FÓRUM DO MAR, which in 2016 became known as Business2Sea.

This event is geared towards fostering relationships between public authorities, companies, universities and R&D centres and associations, both national and foreign, with activity in different areas of the economy of the Sea.

It is an event that promotes the dissemination of projects, studies and knowledge on issues related to the Sea – through the organization of several thematic conferences; promotes business meetings – by scheduling bilateral meetings between representatives of Portuguese entities and foreign entities, which we invite to the event; and promotes the presentation of technologies, services and Portuguese products in the area of the Sea – by holding an exhibition / show, which also includes moments of communication and entertainment on the theme Sea.

Editions already held:


» FÓRUM DO MAR 2012 (II Edição)

» FÓRUM DO MAR 2013 (III Edição)

» FÓRUM DO MAR 2014 (IV Edição)

» FÓRUM DO MAR 2015 (V Edição)

» Business2Sea / Fórum do Mar 2016 (VI Edição)

» Business2Sea / Fórum do Mar 2017 (VII Edição)

» Business2Sea /Fórum do Mar 2018 (VIII Edição)

» Business2Sea /Fórum do Mar 2019 (IX Edição)

» Business2Sea /Fórum do Mar 2020 (X Edição)

» Business2Sea /Fórum do Mar 2021 (XI Edição)