Organisations, public or private, that has maritime-related activities, subject to admittance by the Board of Association.


The membership fee criteria establish five groups, depending on the age of the member and the number of employees that it employs:

1. Entities incorporated for less than five years, employing up to 10 employees: 250,00€

2. Entities that employ:

2.1. Up to 10 employees, constituted for 5 years or more:  600,00€
2.2. From 11 to 50 employees: 1.000,00€
2.3. From 51 to 250 employees: 1.500,00€
2.4. More than 250 employees: 2.000,00€
3. For holding companies, the classification will be made according to the number of employees in the group of companies of control.

(criteria approved by the General Assembly held in the 17th of December 2015 and reviewed by the General Assembly held in the 20th of April 2016, the 21st of December 2017 and the 27th of March 2018)

Note: the winners of open contests promoted by Fórum Oceano’ s members can have a two-year no fee period. After being notified by Fórum Oceano, those organisations have 30 days to submit the membership application form. (Proposal approved by the General Assembly held in the 27th of March 2018).


Submit the [ Fórum Oceano Membership Application Form ] (by e-mail).

Fórum Oceano Staff will confirm, by email, the reception of the membership document.

After a review at the Board meeting, a notification of the decision will be sent.